Silverdollar Productions Peace-of-Mind Guarantees
Return and Warranty policy

Silverdollar Productions is Committed to providing you with some of the finest, reconditioned clocks on the market today. Instead of seeing a big “AS-IS” marked on our clocks, Peace of Mind is provided to you at no extra charge.

3-Day Return Policy

Take 3-days after receipt to set up and inspect your clock. If for any reason your does not operate correctly, please contact us. You may return the clock for repair or a full 100% refund excluding shipping charges.

30-Day Iron Clad Warranty

All Silverdollar Production Clocks are guaranteed to operate as described for a full 30-Days after receipt. If for any reason your clock fails to operate properly, we will cover 100% of all parts and labor to repair it. (Shipping damage, abuse, and batteries are not covered). Some clocks may have extended warranties above and beyond our 30-Day Guarantee. Please check the item description for any other services that may be provided.

Telechron-General Electric 60 Day Limited Extended Warranty

All General Electric and Telechron Non-Strike Clocks come with extended warrantees on the movement parts. We will pay 100% of parts/labor to replace a defective part up to 60-days from receipt. (Rotors are not included under this extended policy).

Items Received Damaged

All of our clocks are securely packaged to prevent any in-transit damage. Some items may ship in more than one package. We make every effort to keep your shipping charges to a minimum. Please realize that some of our clocks are large and/or heavy. We use bubble wrap and packing peanuts to reduce excess weight.

We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance on your shipment. In certain cases we will require it to protect both you and us from damages that might be caused by the carrier. All orders are shipped with 48 hours from receipt of purchase if not sooner.

Any items received damaged will be processed through the appropriate shipping company (USPS or UPS) for a damage claim, provided that the buyer has purchased insurance. If the buyer does not purchase insurance, our responsiblity for the item(s) ends when shipped.

Every effort will be made to replace or fix any broken items, whether insured or not. Please contact us immediately upon receipt with any damage report (within 48 hours). A simple fix will usually be handled quickly, either through the shipping company or directly by us. All insured items where a refund is requested, will have to be processed through the shipping company. Once authorization from the shipping company has been received, we will process your refund.

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