Telechron & GE Non-Chiming Clocks
Service Packages and Options

Besides the services we offer for Westminster and Strike clocks, we also offer a full line of service and tune-ups for non-chiming clocks. Whether it's a standard desk clock, an alarm clock, an advertising clock, a wall clock, or one of the the many appliance timers and clocks that Telechron supplied movements for, we have you covered. We can do a simple Tune-up, a complete overhaul, a rewiring of a specialty clock, or a rebuilt rotor. Good, tested field coils are available as well as many micellaneous parts.

$49.95 Plus Shipping

Basic Movement Clean and Oil

For your currently and correctly running non-chiming clock, or specialty movement, this is the basic service recommended by clockmakers to be done every 5-years or so. We remove the movement, sonic clean it, properly oil,it, and test it. After assembly, the clock is tested again before being returned. This may correct some minor movement problems also. Re-setting alarms and hands are included in this service.

Price does not include parts, case work nor other repairs if needed. Additional labor for repairs or adjustments are billed at $50/Hr.

Some 'B' rotor movements, including the Telechron 700, 711, 712 and others require additional work. Basic Clean & Oil Service charge is $59.00.
$20.00 Plus Shipping

Basic Case work & Rejuvenation

One of the trademarks of a Silverdollar Productions Clock has always been our ability to bring back worn and dull original finishes on clocks. This is one area where most clockmakers donít even want to get involved in. You may not notice it, but your clock has undergone a slow transition over the decades. Embedded dirt, layers of old wax, neglect and smoke damage have contributed to premature aging and drying of the wood.

The wood on your case is deep cleaned, removing all old wax, dirt and smoke damage (but keeping the original finish and patina). Bad scratches get blended in. Then, after several days of hand-rubbing, the finish is brought back to a beautiful luster. In addition, all brass fixtures get machine buffed and re-lacquered. Dials, hands and glass are also cleaned. What you will get back is a beautiful clock ready to offer you many years of faithful service.

Non-Wood cases include cleaning the Plastic, Bakelite, or Metal, plus hands, dial, brass etc. Does not include new paint. We have special cleaners and polish for plastic cases. See Page 2 for more details.
$50.00 Plus Shipping

Refurbished H Rotors

If your rotor is leaking oil, running slow or making a lot of noise, we can solve your problem. We've tried many methods to bring H rotors back to life or quiet them down. Most are temporary fixes at best. We now offer completely rebuilt and refurbished H rotors with a full 1 year warranty. Your clock will be back running like it should and there shouldn't be any future service work needed on these rotors. Our service includes the rotor and bench testing. There may be additional installation charges. We also recommend a complete movement cleaning at this time. Please note that an original H rotor must be included with your clock when you send it in. If you do not have an H rotor, there will be an additional core charge.

We also can rebuild your B rotor for older clocks - $100.

There are many times when a factory finish is so far gone, you should consider removing the old finish and starting fresh. This procedure produces a superior finish as we are able to remove almost every scratch, ding or flaw in the wood. The high quality Mahogany wood used by General Electric and Telechron has stunning natural colors that are brought out through hand-rubbing. Most of the time we can achieve this look without the application of stain.

For most clocks with 3" dials or smaller

For clocks with 4" dials and larger cases

Some cases may require additional work because of damage or intricate detailing.
We warranty our Repair Services for Four months with no charge for labor or any parts purchased during service work. You will be responsible for all shipping charges unless there is an insurance claim issue for damages. Rotors are warranteed for Nine months Parts and Labor (shipping is additional). We will assist by email and/or phone if needed. We cannot cover return shipping charges for new problems that may arise nor if a returned clock is deemed to be not covered under warranty. In some cases we have issued a prepaid return label for your convenience, but if it is determined that the work is not covered under warranty, you will be charged back for the shipping charges.

We will advise you of any additional costs other than what has been indicated on your order form, and will wait your approval before proceding.
Invoices are due on receipt when your clock is completed and ready to ship back to you.You may pay by personal check, Money Order, or PayPal using a credit card or eCheck. Unless prior arrangements have been made, clocks left unpaid over thirty (30) days, may be sold to pay your invoice.
By sending in your clock and order form, you are agreeing to the terms as described here.



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