(1) PLEASE DO NOT SEAL BUBBLE WRAP WITH CLEAR PACKING TAPE! This tape cannot be seen on bubble wrap! You risk damage to your clock if we need to hack through layers of packing tape with a razor blade to get it out! Instead, please use masking tape, scotch tape, or Saran Wrap to secure your bubble wrap. DO NOT put tape on your clocks WOOD FINISH!
(2) Most shipping damage occurs on the inside of the case, not the outside! Position some packing material ABOVE AND UNDER the chime rods to keep them stiff in the case. Pull the strike hammers all the way up (or back) and securely place packing material under them to keep them from flopping around. Engage the hammer lock if your movement is equipped with one. Nothing should be moving around inside your case. Use foam, cloth, or cotton batting.
(3) Glass should be properly protected with an ample amount of bubble wrap.
(4) Pack clock in an ample sized box with an adequate amount of packing material on all sides. Think of double boxing. Do not let the case touch the outer box sides.
(5) Please Insure your shipment for the appropriate amount. Unless you have specifically told us there are damaged parts, we will assume damage occured in shipping.
(6) Ship using USPS Priority, UPS, or FedEx. Your package may be oversized for USPS Priority and the cost will be much higher (One side over 12" or larger than one cubic foot). UPS and FedEx will cost less. DO NOT ship Signature Required - we are not always there to sign for packages. Your tracking information will show all the information you need including how and where the package was delivered.
Please send ONLY THE CLOCK to:
Silverdollar Productions
Attn: Tom Pfeiffer
3816 Kramer Street
Harrisburg, PA 17109
Fill out this form then print out TWO copies- One to enclose with your clock and one with your deposit. PLEASE SEND A PERSONAL CHECK OR MO ONLY IN THE AMOUNT OF $75 TO OUR MAIN OFFICE IN FL! You will be invoiced via Email for the total amount less your deposit. After invoicing, balances may be paid by personal check, Money Order, or Paypal. Instructions will be on your invoice.
We can also accept a PayPal payment for your deposit (using your credit card or e-check). Please indicate an email address for PayPal if different from the one you have on the form. This will be processed upon receipt of your clock.
SILVERDOLLAR PRODUCTIONS, INC.* 3 Denson Drive* Edgewater, FL 32141
Please make sure the check comes to our shop in Florida and address any questions to
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Invoices are due on receipt when your clock is completed and ready to ship back to you.You may pay by personal check, Money Order, or PayPal using a credit card or eCheck. Unless prior arrangements have been made, clocks left unpaid over thirty (30) days, may be sold to pay your invoice.
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