Please Print this form, and include in your package.

1.)PLEASE DO NOT SEAL BUBBLE WRAP WITH CLEAR PACKING TAPE! This tape cannot be seen on bubble wrap! You risk damage to your clock if we need to hack through layers of packing tape with a razor blade to get it out! Instead, please use masking tape, scotch tape, or Saran Wrap to secure your bubble wrap. Do not put tape on your clocks wood finish!
2.)Most shipping damage occurs on the inside of the case, not the outside! Make sure all fragile areas are protected. Protect open faced dials on ad clocks when sending the entire case.
3.)Glass should be properly protected with an ample amount of bubble wrap.
4.)Pack clock in an ample sized box with an adequate amount of packing material on all sides.
5.)Send via USPS Priority, UPS, or FedEx. Larger sizes cost more with USPS Priority. Consider Insurance on your shipment and never request signature confirmation as we are not always here to sign for packages. Your tracking information will show all the information you need.
Clocks should be mailed to:

Silverdollar Productions
3 Denson Drive
Edgewater, FL 32141

Fill in the form below then print it out and include with your clock.
First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
State Zip
Email Address
Name/Model (if known)
Amount Of Return Insurance Requested
My clock works fine! I am interested in Basic Services only. Please advise.
My clock has problems! (See Below). Please advise
My clock is doing (or not doing) the following:
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Invoices are due on receipt when your clock is completed and ready to ship back to you.You may pay by personal check, Money Order, or PayPal using a credit card or eCheck. Unless prior arrangements have been made, clocks left unpaid over thirty (30) days, may be sold to pay your invoice.
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