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Revere Chiming Clocks

The following pictures are from Revere Catalogs and/or actual Revere clocks that we have serviced or sold, plus additional pictures provided by viewers and from Tom's vast collection.
We have listed the clocks in numerical order by Model Number. Please note that we are continually working on these galleries with new clocks being added as we receive new information and pictures. If your clock is not pictured here it does not mean it doesn't exist! We probably haven't gotten it listed yet, or are unaware of it and do not have any pictures or documentation.

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Make: Revere
Model: R-627
Date: 1930
Case: Walnut
Dial: Silvered dial with blue design and gold diamond shapes for numeral placement.
Details: We finally got one of these unique models and have new pictures now that it is restored. It features a triangular shaped case with chrome feet and black inlay strips on the sides and front and a top chromed decoration.. It uses diamond shapes for the numeral settings instead of numbers. Full Westminster chimes. Not much is known about this unusual model and is very scarce.
8 3/8 H X 13" W X 4 3/8" D  

Make: Revere
Model Number: R-628
Date: 1930
Case: Walnut case, Bird's Eye Maple, Zebra wood, and Ebony feet.
Dial: Silvered with etched black numerals.
Details: Introduced at $66 (Westminster Version), this is a true example of Art Deco styling. It's combination of different woods and ornate dial, make this a true prize. A rare clock that will command a high price. A Time and Strike version was sold for $51 (R-728).
12 1/2" H X 8" W X 6" D


Make: Revere
Model Number: R-630
Date: 1930
Name: Sheridan Colonial

Case: Honduras Mahogany, Bird's Eye Maple front, Hand Painted, Brass Eagle
Dial: Silvered with etched black numerals
Details: This exceptional clock is very hard to find. One, like ours, with an original Eagle on top is even harder to find. The black design is said to be hand painted but it's precision and appearance make it look like a template may have been used.
14 1/4"" H x 7 1/8" W X 6" D


Make: Revere
Model Number: R-632
Date: 1930
Name: Early American
Case:Honduras Mahogany with Reverse-painted glass panel door.
Dial: Etched black numerals.
Details: The 632 was made in the Cathedral and spire style with a decorated lower door panel glass. We got a picture of one from Innes in KY who owns the one on the left. A Westminster version sold for $68, while a Time and Strike version (R-732) was a bargin at only $53.
18" H X 9 1/4" W X 6 1/2" H


Make: Revere
Model Number: R-634
Date: 1930
Case:Honduras Mahogany.
Dial: Silvered with black numerals.
Details: A Gothic style with vertical grained striped mahogany, opening brass bezel, and a nice case front decoration overlay. We had this one in the shop for restoration from Andrew in PA, and it's the first one we've seen, A nice simple design with full Westminster chimes.
12" H X 8 1/4" W X 6" H


Make: Revere
Model Number: R-636
Date: 1930
Case: Mahogany
Dial: Silvered with etched black numerals.
Details:Detail for detail, this clock appears to be identical to the R-638 - shown here. We couldn't find any difference whatsoever. With the R numbers being so close, it probably was the same clock.
9" H X 20" W X 5 1/2 D


Make: Revere
Model Number: R-638
Date: 1930
Case: Striped Mahogany with solid base.
Dial: Silvered with etched black numerals
Details:A standard tambour in Mahogany. Very similar to the R-602. Hinged Brass bezel.
9" H x 19" W X 5 1/2" D


Make: Revere
Model: R-642
Date: 1934
Case: Mahogany with large Maple overlays, ornate gold trim and feet, and a handle on top.
Dial: White, painted with raised black numerals.
Details: We'd venture to say that this is a rare model. With it's arced Burl Maple overlays on front and the gold accent pieces, it's gold feet, and the handle on top, this is easy to recognize (We finally found the model in a 1933 catalog). A simple Gothic case that plays on 4 coiled gongs instead of straight chime rods.
Sold for $50.00
12" H X 8 1/2" W X 5" D

Make: Revere
Model Number: R-644
Date: 1941
Case: Mahogany with spires and sculpted decoration.
Dial: Silvered with etched black numerals and intricate designs.
Details: A version of the 1930 R-430 model. Same details but with the newer post-1933 movement in it. A wonderful clock, hard to find in good condition. Check the serial number on the movement to date the clock. This viewer's photo is the only one we've seen so far. A 1940 catalog shows the List Price at $58.00 & Retail at $50.00.
12 1/2" H X 9 3/4" W X 7" D


Make: Revere
Model Number: R-646
Date: 1937
Case: Striped Mahogany with light Mahogany accents.
Dial: Cream with applied raised numerals.
Details: A beautifully detailed clock and not seen often. With a large Gothic style, columns with finials on top, and vertical striped Mahogany, this clock is a picture of elegance.
12 1/2" H X 8 1/2" W X 6 1/2" D

Make: Revere
Model Number: R-648
Date: 1937
Case: Matchbook Mahogany with side columns.
Dial: Cream with applied raised numerals.
Details: A beautifully detailed clock and not seen often. A Gothic style with a pediment, side columns, and diagonally striped Mahogany, this clock is not seen often.
13" H X 10 1/4" W X 6" D


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