Telechron and GE Lenses

Part # size/shape/description actual size* models
(X)C58X16 2 9/16" convex

2 11/16"

3H99, 7H178, 7H180, 8H57, 8H59, 8H61, 8H63, 8H66
(X)C58X15 3" square

3 1/8"

7H147, 8H60, 8H64, 8H67, 8H70, 8H72
(X)C58X20 2 3/4" square

2 7/8"

(X)C58X1 3" convex

3 1/8"

3H07, 3F51, 3F52, 3F53, 3F65, 3H178, 7F77, 7H139, 7H157, 7H160, 7H162, 7H164, 7H201, 7H242, 7H246, 7H273
(X)C58X19 3"convex special   3F61
(X)C58X2 3" square

3 1/8"

3H77, 3H97, 3H168, 7H04, 7F65, CH783, 7H89, 7H101, 7HX130, 7H135, 7H136, 7H142, 7H163, 7H165, 7H174, 7H209
(X)C58X3 3.x" rectangular 3 3/16" X 3 7/8" 3F56, 3H78, 3H86, 3H158, 3H168, 7H118, 7H228
(X)C58X4 3 1/4" convex

3 3/8"

3F67, 3H73, CH373, 3H76,  3H79, 3H88, 3H94, 3H95, 3H154, 3H157, 3H164, 7F01, 7F03, CF705, 7F52, 7F56, 7F60, 7F62, 7F63, 7F64, 7F66, 7F68, 7F70, 7F71, 7F72, 7F73, 7F74, 7F76, 7H77, 7H78, 7H79,  7H80, 7H82, 7H84, 7H86, 7H93, 7H96, 7H102, 7H106, 7H107, 7H113, 7HX114, 7H116, 7H119, 7H120, 7H125, 7HX128, 7H132, 7H133, 7HX146, 7H149, 7H154, 7H167, 7H168, 7H170K, 7H182, 7H198K, 7H216K, 7H224, 7H233, #1 War Alarm, #2 War Alarm, 8F01, 8B50, 8F50, 8B51, 8F51, 8B52, 8B53, 8B54, 8H55, 8H58
(X)C58X5 3 1/2" convex   3 5/8" 3F01, 3F02, 3F03, 3F04, 3H06, 3F54, 3F55, 3F58, 3F59, 3F66, 3F68, 3F70, 3F72, 3F74, 3H80, 3H81, 3H82, 3H83, 3H84, 3H85, CH387, 3H90, 3H91, 3H92, 3H96, 3H98, 3HX150, 3H156, 3H160, 3H162, 3H166, 3H172,  4F05, 4B07, 4H55, 4F57, 4F65, 4F69, 4F71, 4F75, 4H77, 4H81, 4H83, 4H86, 4H88, 4H89, 4B151, 5H64, 7F53, 7F57, 7F59, 7H87, 7H95, 7H104, 7H105, 7H108, 7H109, CH7111, 7H117, 7H121, 7H124, 7H138, 7H140, 7H141, 7H144, 7H166, 7H229, 8H14, 8H15, 8H16, 8H17
(X)C58X6 3 1/2" square    3H89, 3H93, 3H151, 3H152,  3H155, 3H176, 7H91, 7H103
(X)C58X7 3.x" square    3F60, 3F64, 8F02
(X)C58X11 3" X 3 11/16   CF363, 3F69, 3F71, CH399. CF769, CH797, 7H159, 7H181, 7H194, 7H228
(X)C58X21 4" convex

4 1/8"

2H26, 2H55, 2H69, 2H101, 7H85, 7H94, 7H98, 7H221, 8H29
(X)C58X23 4 1/2" convex

4 5/8"

2F01, CF205, 2H13, 2H14, 2H17, 2H18, 2H21, 2H22, 2H51, 2H54, 2H56, 2H60, 2H67, 2F81, CF205, 4F01, 4F02, 4F03, 4F04, 4F06, 4H08, 4H10, 4H12, 4F51, 4F56, 4F59, 4F63, 4H76, 4H82, 4H84, 4H87, 4H90, 4H91, 4H93, 4H94, 4H95, 4H99, 4B153, 4B155, 4H157, 4H167, 4H173, 6B04, 6B06, 6B07, 6B08, 6B09, 6B10, 6B11, 6B12, 6B13, 6B15, 6B17, 6B18, 6B20, 7F55, 7F61, 7F67, 8H30, 8H31
(X)C58X24 4 1/2" square  4 5/8"+
4F52, 4F54, 4F61, 4F73, 4H74,  4B79, 4H80, 4B85, 4H97, 7F54, 7H100, 7H112
(X)C58X25 4.x" special   4H78, 4H92, 7H122
(X)C58X26 4 3/4" X 5 1/2" tombstone   4F67, 5F03, 5F51, 7F75
(X)C58X33 round plastic   7H196, 8H28
(X)C58X41 5" convex

5 1/8"

2F02, 2H02, 2F06, 2H07, 2H08, 2H09, 2H20
(X)C58X42 5" square   2F03, CH203, 2F04, 2H10, 2H11, 2HX12, 2H15, 2H15S, 2HX16, 2H43, 2H50, 8F03
(X)C58X43 5 1/2" convex standard

5 5/8"

2H52, 5F01, 5F02, 5B07, 5B53, 5B55, 5H57, 5H61, 5H66, 5H68, 6B01, 6B03, 6B05, 7H99, 7H110, 7H115, 7HX126, 7H134
(X)C58X42 5 1/2" convex special   5H59
(X)C58X45 4 1/2" X 5"    2H24
(X)C58X51 8" convex   1F308, 1F408, 1H508, 1F608, 1H1008
(X)C58X52 8 5/16" flat   1F108
(X)C58X54 8-9"? convex    1H1308, 1H1608, 1800, #603
(X)C58X53 10 5/16" flat    1F110
(X)C58X61 12" convex    1F312, 1L312, 1F412, 1H512, 1F612, 1B812, 1H912, 1H1412, 1H1612, 1801
(X)C58X65 12 3/8" flat   1F112
(X)C58X66 14 3/8"   #6 Ad
(X)C58X 14 1/2" convex   1L715, 1L1215
(X)C58X 15" convex   1B415, 1B515, 1B915, 1H915, 1H1615, 1H1415, 1802
(X)C58X 15 5/16" flat   1B115, 1L515, 1L415
(X)C58X22 special   6H50

* Crystals 8" and smaller were measured using the sight opening in the bezel.  They run 1/8" larget than the size indicated.  Larger crystals are listed at actual size.