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General Electric Chiming Clocks

The following pictures are from Catalogs and/or actual General Electric clocks that we have serviced or sold, plus additional pictures provided by viewers and from Tom's vast collection.
We have listed the clocks in numerical order by Model Number. Please note that we are continually working on these galleries with new clocks being added as we receive new information and pictures. If your clock is not pictured here it does not mean it doesn't exist! We probably haven't gotten it listed yet, or are unaware of it and do not have any pictures or documentation.
We are not listing any of the GE nor Telechron '6 Series' Strike only clocks at this time.

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Make: General Electric
Model Number: 201
Date: 1933-34
Name: Melody
Case: Mahogany with Burl Maple overlays and decoration.
Dial: 5 1/2" Silvered with black numerals.
Details: A simple tambour design with Maple overlays and decoration on top. Westminster chimes.
9 1/4" H X 20 1/2" W X 6" D


Make: General Electric
Model Number: 203
Date: 1933-35
Name: Harmony
Case: Mahogany with Maple burl overlay and carved applique on top.
Dial: Silvered or Cream with black numerals and ornate time-ring. Hinged bezel.
Details: This appears to be a Revere design sold by GE. The early version, at right with the silver dial, was produced in 1933. The version to the left, with the cream dial, dates to 1935. With 1933 through 1935 being some of the lowest production years of movements, we can assume that these clocks are harder to find. It's possible that only 500 - 1,000 units were produced during that time. This is one of the 'Oversized' clocks with a 7" dial.
11 1/2" H X 22" W X 7 1/2" D

Make: General Electric
Model Number: 350
Date: 1935-37
Name: Rhapsody
Case: Horizontal grained striped Mahogany with vertical inlays.
Dial: 5" Silvered with cast Bronze numerals.
Details: The Rhapsody appears to be a spin off of the 1935 Revere shown on the right (Model R-530). The GE clock shown here was made in 1937, so we know this model was produced for at least two years. This clock is small, at only 13" wide. Despite the fact that the Revere is probably more rare, the Rhapsody isn't that easy to find and is considered scarce.Sold for $24.75
7 1/2" H X 13 1/2" W X 4" D

Make: General Electric
Model Number: 352
Date: 1936
Name: Concerto
Case: Striped Mahogany with solid Mahogany base .
Dial: Silvered with black numerals
Details: A semi-upright tambour style with a narrow base making it appear taller. Full Westminster chimes. Original Price: $24.75
8" H x 14 1/4" W X 4" D


Make: General Electric
Model Number: 356
Date: 1937
Name: Full Dress
Case: Striped Mahogany veneer with decoration
Dial: Silvered with black numerals.
Details: We only had this poor quality catalog photo of this clock - but we now have a photo of one from Tom. A more modern approach to the standard tambour style. Westminster chimes. Sold for $32.
7 3/4" H X 22" W X 4 D


Make: General Electric
Model Number: 358
Date: 1936
Name: Unknown
Case: Mahogany with Bird's Eye Maple overlays
Dial: Cream painted dial with black numerals.
Details: A nice tambor clock with Bird's Eye maple front overlays and carved decorative base. Has a cream dia;l with painted numerals. Full Westminster chimes.
9" H X 20 3/4" W X 6 D


Make: General Electric
Model Number: 362
Date: 1937
Name: Orpheus
Case: Mahogany with Maple overlays.
Dial: Oval, Cream color with painted black numerals
Details: This clock extends a full 22 inches wide, by only 8 inches high giving it a very slim appearance. We know have proof this was a Revere clock, and a Revere twin exits. Very elegant and hard to find.
8" H x 22" W X 4 1/2" D


Make: General Electric
Model Number: 364
Date: 1937
Name: Abbe
Case: Mahogany with overlays.
Dial: Silvered with black numerals.
Details: A standard tambour style Westminster chime clock. Striped Mahogany case with contrasting front panels.Original cost: $39.50
9" H X 20 1/4" W X 4" D

Make: General Electric
Model Number: 366
Date: 1937-41
Name: Haverhill
Case: Mahogany veneer with Bird's Eye Maple overlats.
Dial: Painted cream with black numerals.
Details: Probably one of the most undervalued clocks in the entire Revere and GE line. This majestic clock has some of the nicest Mahogany and produces a rich sounding chime. We've seen three examples of this model dating from 1937 to 1941. Truly a wonderful clock if you have the opportunity to find one.Sold for $29.50
8" H X 15" W X 3 3/4" H


Make: General Electric
Model Number: 368
Date: 1937-40
Name: Layfayette
Case: Horizontal Mahogany veneer
Dial: Silvered with raised black numerals.
Details: A beautiful clock that we don't see that often. We've seen two of these, one from 1937 and the other from 1940. The one pictured is from 1940. Notice the oversized dial and large flat 'gold plated' bezel. Sold for $40.00
7 3/4" H X 22" W X 4 D



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